Chicken and Dumplings — A Tradition for the Holidays

When I think of my favorite meal, I think of Chicken and Dumplings and then I think of my Grandparents. Every Thanksgiving was filled with lots of delicious food but the one thing that always stood out was my Grandparents’ Chicken and Dumplings. It’s the most perfect comfort food. I learned how to make chickenContinue reading “Chicken and Dumplings — A Tradition for the Holidays”

Tony’s Chocolonely Fall Treats

I am a huge fan of Tony’s Chocolonely, partly because it is obviously delicious and partly because of all the variety of their bars. They have something for every sweet tooth. With Fall season coming up, I have two great ways to enjoy Tony’s Chocolonely bars in a festive way. There is something magical aboutContinue reading “Tony’s Chocolonely Fall Treats”

A Great Soup for My Hubby

Happy September! My wedding anniversary is in September. I like to really kick it up a notch and make some really good meals that week for my Hubby. One of the meals I like to make is a Potato Soup. By the time September comes around, we are ready for some good hearty soups. ThisContinue reading “A Great Soup for My Hubby”