The 411 on Louisville’s Cask Southern Kitchen and Bar

Ashley Sayler, owner of Cask Southern Kitchen and Bar opened Cask in July 2020 after a complete rebrand to focus on Family-Friendly dining. It is not easy to open any restaurant at any time, but to do it in the middle of a Pandemic brings so many more obstacles and limitations. I met Ashley in August of 2020 right after Cask opened. We were all wearing masks and the restaurant tables were separated from one another to keep up with the social distance guidelines for the restaurants. What this means to a restaurant, is less customers, less revenue. Food was still delicious and drinks were fabulous and flowing. Ashley was doing whatever she needed to in order to keep things moving. When indoor dining was not an option during the Pandemic, she ordered a heated tent. Ashley adapted to the changes and kept everything going. She is such a smart and savvy, small business owner.

Ashley Sayler, owner of Cask Southern Kitchen and Bar

Ashley’s savviness shows in her choice of staff too. Everyone is so nice and polite and extremely hard working. It was extremely exciting to see the one-year anniversary of this restaurant in July 2021 because I know how hard they all work. Plus, the food and drinks are so, so good!

So here is the 411. Cask has an amazing Bar where you can get anything you want. They make spectacular drinks that are so delicious. The Bar gets lots of attention and I can see why. You definitely need to check out their signature cocktails like Maker’s Hard Lemonade. It consists of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Simple, Lemon and Mint. They have a cocktail called Fly Me to The Moon. It consists of Ole Smokey Blue Flame and Strawberry Moonshine, Strawberry, Mint and Lime. And since they now have Brunch On Sundays, they offer Brunch Cocktails. Their menu has SIX kinds of Mimosas and SIX kinds of Margaritas. I am telling you, Cask Bar is Goals!!!

But do not forget about the Food on the Menu. Oh my, where do I start? Cask has an appetizer that you could eat as your meal. It’s the nachos. Holy Moly, these nachos are the best. I have to get them every time I go to Cask. These nachos consists of smoked pork BBQ, pico de gallo, avocado, lime sour cream, pimento cheese queso, house pickled jalopenos, red onions and house-made tortillas. They will rival any other nacho in town! They are that good and so are many other items on the menu. Cask has a great shrimp and grits. My whole family loves their burger. I love all of their salads especially with salmon on top. Whatever you do, get the Key Lime Pie. It is one of the best I have ever had. Cask is located at 9980 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223. Make sure you stop by to support a Fabulous Local Restaurant.

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