Skincare Tool under $50, Yes Please!

There are a plethera of skincare tools on the market. It’s hard to know which ones are the good ones AND won’t break the bank. What I realized though, is that you can find a great skincare tool under $50.

While I tried to figure out which tool was right for me, I took into consideration what each are made of so that the tool doesn’t transfer bacteria build-up to my skin. That’s right, bacteria can build up on your skincare tool. Gross! Stainless steel is a Boss! It’s non-porous so it prevents bacteria build-up. It also is durable so it won’t break if you accidentally drop it. I love stainless steel because it is cold to the touch so it feels so good on your skin. Plus, it isn’t expensive.


Sacheu Beauty has the Gua Sha Tool. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method for tissue healing. I love the simplicity of this. It stores easily in the bathroom cabinet. It comes with the cutest travel pouch. Sacheu Beauty’s Gua Sha has become pretty popular so I was pretty excited to work with them. It is stainless steel which is what I was looking for so basically this Gua Sha is what I was looking for!!! Once you figure out how to use it, it’s super easy. In a scraping motion, start from the center of your face and scrape outwards. Use the small divot on nose bridge, in between brows, and jawline and larger edges on cheeks and forehead. It’s a lymphatic drainage massage. This type of massage has become quite popular. It helps the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance and immune functions. You can use this Gua Sha on your back, neck, arms, legs and anywhere you feel will help. I am completely obsessed with this. I highly recommend.

My Instagram Reel – you can see how much I love this Gua Sha! Angela G (@strawberrylanephotos) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

Do You Get Headaches? — I get sinus headaches and they are awful. I started to use my Gua Sha as soon as a headache starts. I immediately feel tension release. The three main areas I target are: 1) cheek – start at the nostril and swipe out to ear 2) eye brow – start between eye brow and swipe left or right – (pictured above) 3) forehead -start between the eye brows at the top of the nose, wiggle a few times then swipe up to your hairline. Feel free to watch this Instagram Reel to see how I use the tool for headaches. Angela G (@strawberrylanephotos) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

The Sacheu Beauty Gua Sha Tool was gifted. All opinions are my own. My affiliate code is below.

For a discount, use code ANGELA20 Gua Sha – Stainless Steel | SACHEU Beauty

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