My Favorite Photography Supplies, Part 1

As a product and food photographer, I have a ton of photography supplies. I get so giddy over all of my goodies. It’s so fun to go through it all to decide on what I want to use in each Brand collaboration. Most folks that I follow on IG are not product or food photographersContinue reading “My Favorite Photography Supplies, Part 1”

Therafit’s Comfy Footwear with a Purpose — Put It on Your Christmas List

Falalalalalalalala! Are you Christmas shopping yet? One of my favorite things to get for Christmas is a nice comfy pair of slippers or boots. It’s just the perfect gift that is like a warm hug for your feet. The main reason I really wanted to talk about this particular Footwear Brand is because of theContinue reading “Therafit’s Comfy Footwear with a Purpose — Put It on Your Christmas List”

My Favorite Backpack — Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I start early to take the stress out of it. Plus, this year is a little different. You have to take shipping into consideration as far as timing. The earlier you start, the less issues you will run into. I think one of the most versatile accessories to ownContinue reading “My Favorite Backpack — Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift”


Natalie Plain founded Billion Dollar Brows to provide great brow products that are super easy to use. The Beauty Box is Billion Dollar Beauty’s latest innovation. It’s an all-in-one makeup palette. I have to say, I love them both. If you need a birthday gift or you are starting your Christmas shopping early, I wouldContinue reading “ONE OF MY FAVORITE BRANDS — BILLION DOLLAR BEAUTY”

One Simple and Effective Cream for the Face and Body– Pure Greene

I tend to look for products that simplify my routine because less is more. The idea of a cream that is for both your face and body really intrigues me. Pure Greene Skin + Care has creams that are super effective. Pure Greene has four creams to choose from. All four creams contain shea butterContinue reading “One Simple and Effective Cream for the Face and Body– Pure Greene”

The Gummies I Apple-solutely Need in My Life — Goli Nutrition

Goli is known for their Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and lucky for us, they have some other pretty spectacular gummies that you will want in your life; SuperFruits Gummies and Ashwa Gummies to be exact. I take these three gummies and I am apple-solutely impressed because they have made such a difference. I love Goli’sContinue reading “The Gummies I Apple-solutely Need in My Life — Goli Nutrition”

Dansko — Booties and Sneakers For Fall

My family is filled with Nurses. My Grandma was a nurse. My Aunt is a retired nurse. My Cousin and MIL are nurses. You can see where I am going with this…HA! I have certainly seen lots of Dansko’s Iconic clogs through the years. The Brand has earned the right to be known for theirContinue reading “Dansko — Booties and Sneakers For Fall”

Skincare Tool under $50, Yes Please!

There are a plethera of skincare tools on the market. It’s hard to know which ones are the good ones AND won’t break the bank. What I realized though, is that you can find a great skincare tool under $50. While I tried to figure out which tool was right for me, I took intoContinue reading “Skincare Tool under $50, Yes Please!”

My Favorite Fall Look by Sorrelli

Sorrelli is a second generation, female founded and female led, family brand. I am so here for it because they make the most beautiful jewelry. I have a few of their pieces and they are such high quality. You can dress them up for a wedding/special event or dress them down with jeans. They areContinue reading “My Favorite Fall Look by Sorrelli”