Local Louisville Business Highlight — Vintage Style and Designs

I have lived in Louisville my entire life and I am so proud of my City. We have some fabulous local restaurants and shops. When I think of unique gifts and also seasonal shopping, I think of Vintage Style & Designs. Brandy Siemens is the owner of VS&D and today is her 10 Year Anniversary of Opening her Shop. I am so excited to highlight VS&D on my Blog. What a Girl Boss and what a great role model for young women who want to open a small business. Congratulations Brandy!

I understand why Brandy has been in business for 10 years. When I walk into VS&D, I am always blown away by all the unique gifts. Brandy really focuses on bringing special pieces to her Shop. If I need to buy a present for someone, I know I can find something that stands out and is different in a very good way. While Brandy has a lot of loyal customers, it is so interesting to me how many folks come into the Shop that are not from Louisville. Just this weekend when I was at VS&D, there were folks from Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. You know when you walk into VS&D, you are going for the unique experience and excited for what you will find because you always will find something you like.

I also know that when I go to VS&D, Brandy is going to have soft and comfortable pieces because she always has soft fabrics. I could not walk out of the Shop without purchasing one of these scarves pictured above. She has so many cute options too! You definitely will want to check out all of Brandy’s clothing options. Everything is soft to the touch which is something we all look for when choosing what we want to wear.

I have to mention that VS&D offers Black Dog Candles for sale. What a WIN/WIN! It is Local supporting Local. These candles smell sooooo good. I have some in my home. So when you purchase these candles, you are supporting two Local businesses. Yay!!!

I love it when I walk into a Shop and I see something that reminds me of my childhood. I think Lip Balms should be in every Shop but these in particular, just really take me back to a moment in time. I think all of my girlfriends had these. How cute?!! And they would make such an adorable little Halloween gift for the little girls in your life too.

While I love unique pieces at VS&D, I love that she has unique pieces in some staple brands that I know if I am looking for something in particular, Brandy will have it. Two of the brands you will find are Sorrelli Jewelry and Hello Mello Loungewear. You already know I love Sorrelli so I get excited to see what selection Brandy has. And I understand why VS&D carries Hello Mello Loungewear. OMG, this loungewear is so soft. If you know, then you know, if you don’t, you need to know so go check it out. Brandy just knows what her customers want and she is always going to make sure she has it.

Again, congratulations Brandy on 10 years, I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for you.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a lovely day! πŸ’œπŸ“

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