For the Seventh Straight Season, Louisville City FC clinched USL Play-off Spot this past Sunday and we were there to watch!!! LouCity beat New Mexico United 3-1. Woo Hoo! This game was so much fun.

We scored pretty early. In fact, Paolo DelPiccolo scored the first two goals with help from Antoine Hoppenot and Oscar Jimenez. Both goals were made before the 15th minute of the game.

After the 2nd goal, we were all pretty pumped. The Coopers were loud and fabulous as always. The atmosphere is just really something to experience even when it seemed like New Mexico United was starting to attack. The crowd was really into the game. This was the first game back home for LouCity since September 3rd. So everyone was super excited to watch them play.

Here was the lineup for the game. It’s packed with talent; our whole team is. The subs came in exactly when we needed something to happen. And, oh my, it did. They came in CLUTCH!!!!!!!

We were in about the 70th minute and I thought to myself, we need another goal to put this to bed. The score was 2-1 and New Mexico United seemed to be getting better and stronger. And here comes Jimmy McLaughlin with help from Pat McMahon to score our 3rd goal. The fans went nuts including us. Final score was 3-1. It was just a magical day. The forecast looked awful but the rain held off for a good part of the game. We had our rain gear so it didn’t bother us at all when it did start raining. It was a blast!

This was such a fun game especially in the new stadium. I love our new Stadium, Lynn Family Stadium. It opened on July 12, 2020. I highly recommend going to a game. It is a beautiful stadium with a fabulous view of our City in the background. LouCity’s next game is this Saturday, October 9th. They will play Sporting KC II at 7:30pm.

On a Side Note: Don’t forget, you can also watch Racing Louisville FC, the National Women’s Soccer League Expansion Team based in Louisville. Their next game is Saturday, October 16th at Lynn Family Stadium. Racing Louisville will play Orlando Pride at 7:30pm.

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