Natalie Plain founded Billion Dollar Brows to provide great brow products that are super easy to use. The Beauty Box is Billion Dollar Beauty’s latest innovation. It’s an all-in-one makeup palette. I have to say, I love them both. If you need a birthday gift or you are starting your Christmas shopping early, I would consider something from Billion Dollar Beauty. It’s so unique and creates a special experience. Their Bundles are so affordable. You can easily find one for under $50.

Billion Dollar Brows

I love a Brand that takes the guess work out of creating the perfect brow. Billion Dollar Brows has the perfect products that make it an easy process, even for me. I never thought I could get my brow looking exactly how I wanted it to look. The Ultimate Brow Bundle (pictured above) is such a game changer. It comes with:

  • Eyebrow shaping tool
  • Brow tweezers
  • Universal brow pencil
  • Flat concealer brush
  • Brow highlighter pencil
  • Fiber brow gel

The brow pencil is my favorite. I am blown away by how easy it is to use but even more how it makes natural looking hairs. For this blog photoshoot, I used the pencil to create a natural look. If I wanted a fuller, thicker look, I would add the fiber brow gel or maybe use the brow gel alone. Both of these products are very high quality. I understand exactly why Billion Dollar Brows is so popular. Plus, it is inexpensive. Right now, you can get the Ultimate Brow Bundle for under $50.

The Beauty Box

The Beauty Box is genius. It’s magnetic so your makeup will not fall out of the box! It stores anywhere, even your purse. I absolutely love it. The Rustic Vacation Bundle Box (pictured above) has beautiful pieces . Here is what it comes with:

  • Eyeshadow — Shimmer, Caramel, Honey, Golden and Moon
  • Cheek — Amour
  • Highlighter — Illusion
  • Lip — Toffee and Custard
  • Beauty box with mirror and kickstand

I love the color combination of this Bundle. It’s perfect and the cool thing is, you can buy more and switch it out at any time. Yes, you can switch it out. Each piece can be sold separately, so if you want to change anything out, you can. Again, it’s just genius. It’s truly the best to take on vacation too. The box travels so well. Each piece stays in place. And the really cool thing about this, is the price. The Rustic Vacation Bundle Box is under $50.

This Cheek color is one of my favorites to use. It just blends so well and is perfect for really any season. The lip color Custard (pictured above) is so beautiful especially for Fall. I recommend looking at the bundles to see what you like. There is something for everyone.

This Blog post is sponsored by Billion Dollar Beauty. All opinions are my own.

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