My Version of the Granola Bar

I love the idea of a fresh granola bar right out of the oven that I made and know exactly what is in it. It is absolutely one of my favorite snacks to make.

The cool thing about making a granola bar at home is, you can switch up some of the ingredients depending on what you are craving. I like the combination of cranberries and chocolate chips so I stick to my usual. If you like dates or apricots, then you could certainly add one of those. It would be a great option. Whatever you decide, it will be delicious. I am a huge fan of local raw honey so that is one of the key ingredients to making it so fabulous.

Here is the recipe!!!

Good To Know — Raw honey comes directly from the honeycomb. The honey is not pasteurized. It is believed that pasteurization reduces the number of antioxidants and nutrients found in honey. Bee pollen contains anti-inflammatory properties. I always choose raw honey over regular honey.

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