My Favorite Photography Supplies, Part 1

As a product and food photographer, I have a ton of photography supplies. I get so giddy over all of my goodies. It’s so fun to go through it all to decide on what I want to use in each Brand collaboration.

Most folks that I follow on IG are not product or food photographers but they do some product or food photography. So even if you are not an actual photographer, you can take some great photos with your phone if you have the right background and pretty supplies to go with it.


For food photography, the number one supply you need is a board. I use a lot of Replica Surfaces boards but you can use any board. Amazon has some great boards too. If you are shooting birds eye view, then you only need one board but if you shoot like the photo below, you will need two boards. My white board is my base that the granola bars are sitting on. The Background board is my Replica Surface Board in Terra Cotta. I used a kitchen towel to bridge the two boards together to create a seamless photo.

Your boards and a pretty kitchen towel will make your food photo look more professional even if you are using a camera phone. There is a difference between a camera phone and a DLSR camera, but by adding a nice board, it will change the photo as a whole. It will make it look better and more presentable.

Another super cute idea is a picnic table cover such as the one below I used for Rind Snacks. It’s fun and bright and is so summer festive.


I also recommend a board for product photography. Again, you can get a great board on Replica or Amazon. You can also use blankets, scarves and even outdoor elements like snow as shown in the photo below. I took this photo outside in the snow. It paints a picture for why you would use this body balm. The chilly outdoor weather does a number on your skin so a good body balm is a necessity.

You can also make a product photo with the minimalistic approach. So no blankets or scarves, just some trinkets or knick-knacks. The photo below is to promote the makeup bag. A plant is a great add to any product photo. I highly recommend having one or two on hand.

GOOD TO KNOW — For supplies such as blankets, scarves or knick-knacks, I check the clearance aisle at Target. The dollar store is also a good place for non-brand makeup brushes and sometimes you can find cute scarves. Most Brands do not want other brand names in their photo, so you will want some plain supplies such as makeup brushes.

Whatever you choose, just make sure the photo gives the viewer a story. Good luck and feel free to DM me on IG or email me at with any questions.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a lovely day! πŸ’œπŸ“

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