What is a Skirt Steak?

One of my favorite meats to cook for dinner is the Skirt Steak. Are you familiar with this cut of meat? Do you know how to cook it?

Skirt Steak is a thin, long cut which comes from the short plate or diaphragm area of the steer (just under the rib section). I like to keep my seasoning simple with just salt and pepper. When grilling or griddling, make sure you dry the surface of the Steak for a good sear. Excess moisture will create a steam and prevent you from creating a nice crust on the Steak. You will want to cook it fast with high heat; just three minutes on each side and you are done. I pair mine with heirloom cherry tomatoes, jalapeรฑos and cilantro. It’s so good!

Best Way to Slice Skirt Steak — Slice across the grain, about 1/4 inch thick. Make sure you hold your knife at a 45-degree angle to create a bias cut.

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