The Best Eye Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

To know there is a beauty brand that focuses on the health of our eyes is such a huge game changer for those that have a sensitivity. I cannot begin to explain how many times my eyes water and sting when I put on eye makeup. I know it cannot be good for my eyes.

Twenty/Twenty is a collection of products designed by a board-certified ophthalmologist to help enhance the natural beauty of your eyes while keeping them healthy.

While the United States only bans 10 ingredients for cosmetic usage, Twenty/Twenty has banned over 60 ingredients from their products. You can feel really good about these products.

And the best part — you can easily remove this eye makeup without damaging your eyes and skin. I always dreaded taking off eye liner and eye shadow because of all the tugging and pulling. You will absolutely love this eye makeup. I highly recommend.

Twenty / Twenty Beauty – Eye-Safe Makeup & Eye Treatments ( If you need a discount code, you can use mine STRAWBERRYLANEPHOTOS.

My favorite product is the eye shadow stick. I love them all, especially Starry Eyed and At A Glance.

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